Pokemon Kalos Power Tin – Chesnaught EX


 1x Kalos Power Tin - Chesnaught EX from the XY series.

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Tin Contains:

1 x special foil card - Chesnaught EX!
4 Pokemon TCG booster packs!A BONUS online code card for unlocking the Chesnaught EX
Grass, Fire, Water-the three great powers of the Pokemon world! Choose one of the famous Pokemon of the Kalos region to share your path: the heavily armored Chesnaught EX, the fiery mystic Delphox EX, or the swift and stealthy Greninja EX. Each of these excellent tins contains Chesnaught EX, Delphox EX, or Greninja EX as a special foil card, 4 Pokemon TCG booster packs, AND a BONUS code card for the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.


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